169: Vacation Styles, Therapy For All, and Natural Consequences

07.08.2021 - By Coffee Convos Podcast with Kail Lowry & Lindsie Chrisley

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On this week's episode Kail and Lindise are embracing summer and talking about vacation styles! As Kail prepares to leave for a two week vacation she is looking forward to all of the pre-planned activities she has scheduled. But Lindise is the total opposite when she goes on vacation, preferring to just relax and see where the trip takes her. Are you more of a Kail or a Lindsie when it comes to vacationing? And Lindsie and Kail have both been working on themselves in therapy, and they think everyone could benefit from some good therapy. Mental health is for everyone! Plus Kail and Lindsie are continuing to learn about gentle parenting and have been trying to rely more on natural consequences to try and help their kids learn and listen.  

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Music by Nathaniel Wyvern.

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