Venture Maidens: PoWD Ep #5

09.14.2018 - By Dungeon Delve – An Official Dungeons & Dragons Podcast

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Curtain Call. The Venture Maidens are called to Waterdeep to aid the city officials in a mad treasure hunt. Can our heroes find the vault key before it's too late? What dire secrets is Madame Benedicta hiding? Will the Maidens get by with a little help from their Bard friends?

Here's a brief recap of what's happened so far: Waterdeep is a city in turmoil with factions such as the Zhentarim, the Xanathar crime organization, and the Harpers are all searching for a huge hoard of gold dragon coins hidden in a vault somewhere in the city. Due to the actions of The Broadswords, the different factions of Waterdeep know about three keys to open the Vault. A set of magical bagpipes are currently in the possession of Waterdeep officials, while two other keys are at large: a star of Waterdeep and the Widowmaker.

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