Video Palace

By Shudder

What's Video Palace about?

When video collector Mark Cambria watches a mysterious VHS tape, he begins talking in his sleep in a language that doesn't exist. Mark and his girlfriend Tamra set out to investigate the tape's origin and find themselves caught up in a web of conspiracy, occult, and dread surrounding a legendary video store with a sinister purpose beyond imagining. Created by NICK BRACCIA & MICHAEL MONELLO Written by BEN ROCK & BOB DEROSA Directed by BEN ROCK Produced by LIAM FINN Executive Produced by MICHAEL MONELLO & NICK BRACCIA Starring CHASE WILLIAMSON and DEVIN SIDELL Music Composed by MICHAEL TEOLI Recording Engineers EVAN MENAK & MICHAEL CAPUANO Sound Designers JEREMY LEE & JORDAN TANI Dialogue Editors BRITTANY COBB, NOELLE HOFFMAN, IAN BURCH, BEN ROCK Post Production Sound Services Provided by DIABLO SOUND Studio Recording Services Provided by ICEMEN AUDIO Additional Recording Provided by PRIME RIB PRODUCTIONS

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13. BONUS: In Search of the...


VIDEO PALACE: IN SEARCH OF THE EYELESS MAN, is available in book, ebook, and audiobook formats. In this third and final bonus episode, you’ll hear actor, writer and director, Brea Grant’s tale, “A Texas Teen Story” read by Rebekkah Ross.

Video Palace episodes: