Ep. 161: Viggo Mortensen (feat. Viggo Mortensen)

02.06.2021 - By Rumble with Michael Moore

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We are in an age of mass confusion, political instability, and social distrust. Even within many families, there's a sense that we are living on different planets, with different realities, competing sets of facts, and values and beliefs that directly contradict one another. So how do we, as a species, go about living together when we don't trust, don't like and even feel mortally threatened by one another?

Viggo Mortensen is one of the most talented, dynamic and versatile actors of our time. He has written, directed and stars in a new film that captures this tension within a family, and beautifully depicts their attempts at surviving one another in these tense times. He joins Michael to discuss his directorial debut, these turbulent times we are experiencing, art during the pandemic, living in Spain, the Lord of the Rings trilogy, and when he first learned that he would die one day.

"Falling" - Written, Directed, Produced and Starring Viggo Mortensen


Music for "Falling" - Featuring Music by Viggo Mortensen, Buckethead, Skating Poly


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