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What's Vigilantes Radio Live! about?

Wowsers!!! We are up to over 75k+ monthly live listeners per worldwide and it is all because of you!!!!! We've had celebrities on our show from Grammy Award winning artists, nominees, to actors/actresses, from authors to professors and we’ve interviewed in almost every industry. We hope to get the stories behind these unique people and give them a chance to tell their truth to us and the universe. That's Vigilantes Radio's purpose.To book an interview or just to share a story, email us at [email protected] | Call in at 701-801-9813 or join in via the browser | Be sure to follow us at: sure to like our Facebook page over at sharing is caring!

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The Magnets For Maniacs Int...


Join us for an electrifying interview with metal band Magnets For Maniacs as they discuss their boundary-pushing sound and upcoming album, "Snakes & Cynics." Get ready to headbang to their high-energy performances and dive into the creative process behind their ...

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