Wake Me Up: Morning meditation and motivation

By Tyler Brown

What's Wake Me Up: Morning meditation and motivation about?

For all of you who struggle to wake up in the morning, press the snooze button too many times, or just want a positive way to start your day, Wake Me Up is for you. This is where morning people are made. Every episode is a guided morning routine that gets you out of bed, calms your mind, and starts your day in the best possible way. This short morning podcast incorporates mindfulness, meditation, motivation, and other scientifically-supported methods for mental health and well-being. It's especially helpful for those with depression or anxiety, but it will leave even the happiest people filled with positivity. Subscribe now, so you never miss a great day!

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Morning Routine - Make It Easy


Life doesn't have to be hard. This morning, we focus on how we can make it easier. Support WMU Sponsors: BetterHelp. Take control of your mental health today by signing up with BetterHelp. Get 10% off your first month by ...

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