WAP 268: Conflicted Hump-Day LIVE

08.16.2019 - By Wasted Ammo Podcast: Firearms | Training | Preparedness

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It's Wednesday on the Wasted Ammo Podcast so that means it's Conflicted Hump Day - where we go LIVE to hang out with our listeners, answer questions and play a couple cards of Conflicted. On Today's episode, we started off the show talking about Dmitriy Andreychenko, the man walked into a Missouri Walmart wearing body armor and carrying loaded weapons as a 2A test. An off-duty firefighter held Andreychenko at gunpoint until police arrived and arrested him. Andreychenko said in a statement that he was testing whether Walmart would protect his right to openly carry weapons. Was Mr. Andreychenko in the wrong? Was the firefighter in the wrong? Let's dig into it! Show-notes can be found at Wastedammo.com/268 Become a Black Site member at Patreon.com/wastedammo

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