4: Episode 4: Wayne Holloway-Smith & Maurice Riordan

06.14.2018 - By Faber Poetry Podcast

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In this episode, Rachael and Jack talk fatherhood, the lyric I and the magical sound of a garden pond with their guests Wayne Holloway-Smith and Maurice Riordan and there are audio postcards from Mary Jean Chan, Kaveh Akbar and Nisha Ramayya.

Featured audio poems:

* ‘Poetry is the last place’ by Mary Jean Chan. 

* ‘Ultrasound’ by Kaveh Akbar.  

* ‘After infatuation’ by Nisha Ramayya.

All relevant links can be found in this episode's [show notes](https://www.faber.co.uk/blog/faber-poetry-podcast-episode-four-wayne-holloway-smith-maurice-riordan).

The Faber Poetry Podcast is produced by Rachael Allen, Jack Underwood and Hannah Marshall for Faber & Faber. Editing by Billy Godfrey at Strathmore Publishing. 

Thanks to Kaveh Akbar, Mary Jean Chan, Wayne Holloway-Smith, Nisha Ramayya and Maurice Riordan. Special thanks to Margot Holloway-Smith for this episode’s outro.

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