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02.10.2012 - By "Addiction Recovery Radio"

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Ways to De-Stress
What is stress? Well, there's a stress hormone called Cortisol which is triggered through actions such as imminent danger. Now in reality, that happens maybe once or twice in our lives unless you're a first responder or live life on the ragged edge. When Cortisol is triggered, you experience an increased blood flow to your heart and muscles. This allows you to have some pretty intense strength. For example, you hear about people who managed to move a car with someone trapped underneath with their bare hands.  Anyhow, the hypothalamus which is a tiny portion in your brain, sets off alarms in your body that causes hormones such as Cortisol and adrenaline to release. In turn, that's when your begins to flow and stress begins. Now in everyday life, this is not good to be stressing ourselves out. So, we have compiled some things that are great for relieving stress and in turn, will provide a successful path to recovery.
10 minute walk - It's no secret that getting your heart rate up by walking will release endorphin's, which will ward off harmful stress naturally. To really take advantage of it, you should take up a walk where the scenery is awesome. Such places are the beach, green woods, lush green parks, etc. These walking environments promote a sense of meditation for your mind and allow the stress to disappear. It;s also know as involuntary attention which allows time for reflection.
Eat A Snack - Believe it or not, eating relieves stress because there's nothing more stressful on the brain than thinking that it is being deprived of any nourishment. I generally learn towards something healthy such as vegetables or fruit, but a snack can be almost anything. Snacking is actually a form of meditation. I ran across an interesting article about the Gut-Brain Axis. Check it out.
Breathe Deeply - Yoga is centered around breathing because it nourishes the body naturally. So i found some breathing exercises that can be done within 10 minutes to help relieve stress.
Visualize - Imagine sitting down and visualizing an image of a nice vacation on a tropical island or something peaceful. Guided imagery can relieve stress very easily.
Put on Some Music - Classical or Instrumental music has proven to relieve stress. I've personally found that listening through headphones accelerates the relaxation.
Chew Gum - Yes! The jaw workout and aggression through oral fixation has proven to be a great stress reliever. This is especially great for those with a great deal of anxiety.
Crafting - Repetitive hand motion has been known to relieve a great deal of stress and making crafts is also fun. You get to use the creativity side of your brain and make cool things for your friends and family.
Identify Your Stress Triggers - What stresses you out? And how do you react to it? There are a host of physical and mental reactions to stress, and everyone reacts differently.
Sleep - Get enough sleep and make sure the sleep you are getting is restful.
Modify Your Busy Schedule - You really need to allow for some time to decompress. Don't schedule meetings or task so close together or wait until the last minute to finish a project with a deadline hanging over your head.
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