50. 3 ways to use touch to increase connection

05.31.2021 - By Relationship Psych | Love | Marriage | Conflict | Psychology |

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Here are 3 things you should know about how touch can make you closer, restoke the flame between you, and reinforce the reasons you fell in love in the first place.
Touch used to be the thing that made me recoil from someone, and today it is the only tool that can slower the walls I can put up around my heart.
And if you keep listening, I am going to share with the exact moment everything changed, and why most people call my husband and me a very affectionate couple.

In this episode we discuss 3 ways that touch helps with connection in relationships:
· That it provides safety and comfort
· That it plays a role in the release of oxytocin and bonding
· And kissing, snuggling, nuzzling and massaging plays a role in pair bonding.

We also explore 3 ways that touch can be used to increase connection.
1. Ask permission to touch.
2. Engage in nurturing touch that does not pressure sex.
3. Talk about your touch likes and dislikes.

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