Episode 20 - We touched on it briefly

08.03.2018 - By Conversing In Vain

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Recorded on 7-23-18 - We touched on it briefly

We need an intro

Hitman and Woodworking are headed to Lake Tahoe in 14 hours

Fallout Beta comes out way too late


We talk about a beer garden (Where just three days later Hitman would find a date)

How it Ends, Tau, Father of the Year, Cobra Kai, Medici

Dead By Daylight




Game of Thrones Prequill and Lord of The Rings tv show

Iraqi joined

Math with Tinker

How long does Fortnite last?

TinkeR bookmarked Ninja's underwear ad

Iraqi touched on that briefly

Underwear recommendations

Twitch cheaters

dAv11dReza (aka an ad)
We record our new intro and outro

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