Episode 18 - We tried

07.23.2018 - By Conversing In Vain

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Recorded on 7-3-18

Sequels to dumb comedies

Realm Royale

New GTX Graphic card

What would you do if you won the lottery?

Price of SNES games and old consoles

Conversing In Vain's demographic

Tinker saying "we tried," the other three people are assholes, well at least Tinker and Neon

Hitman and Wood are going to Tahoe together

OJ Simpson retelling on Netflix

Neon still plays VG

Stream setups


We talk about this video

Being scared of heights


Android users and how ios users judge people when their texts show up as green

Neon can't relate to anything from before 2015

Tinker misses his fourth monitor

Multiplayer horror games

Tinker and Hitman talk about their meet up (the day after this podcast was recorded)

Tinker plays Harry Potter on mobile (suggested age 3-5)

We talk about things I had to edit out and I get mad

Bang energy drinks

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