Week 201 - May Her Memory Be a Blessing

09.21.2020 - By The Weekly List

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It’s hard to express the sense of loss this year  has brought to the our country: already we’ve endured three years of  division, broken norms, lawlessness, kleptocracy, bigotry and hate,  gaslighting and non-stop lies — leaving our country anxious and  exhausted entering 2020.
This year has brought illness, unemployment,  starvation, death, wildfires, hurricanes, social unrest, and now the  loss of a revered and beloved Supreme Court justice, Ruth Bader  Ginsburg, 46 days before the election. It’s hard to put into words the  cumulative stress, sorrow, and anger our country is experiencing. Now,  as Trump continues to lie and sow doubt about the integrity of the  election, we face the unthinkable of a Supreme Court stacked in his  favor possibly deciding the outcome of a contested election.
On top of that, this week brought more questions  about Trump’s handling of the deadly pandemic as we approach an  unthinkable 200,000 deaths. Bob Woodward’s book, combined with a town  hall appearance by Trump this week, raised serious questions about  Trump’s mental health and attachment to reality. Woodward concluded  there is a nervous breakdown of the executive branch and Trump “is the  wrong man for the job.” As the country starts voting this week in record  numbers, America stands on edge.
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