Weekly Motivation by Ben Lionel Scott

By Ben Lionel scott

What's Weekly Motivation by Ben Lionel Scott about?

Here you'll find weekly motivation from some of the most successful and high achieving people in the world to help encourage you through your journey in life. Join Video Editor/Producer Ben Lionel Scott as he shares motivating messages from the most brilliant minds and high-performing people. To get access and download all audio and video versions from the show, plus exclusive content, go to benlionelscott.com/subscribe

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Every daily choice matters. Embrace the hard path, outwork others relentlessly, and let your obsession lead to greatness. Spoken by Jocko Willink, Elliot Hulse, Eric Thomas, Andy Frisella. You can see more of Jocko Willink at instagram.com/jockowillink, Elliott Hulse at ...

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