We're on the Verge of Guiding Our Own Evolution, with Jane Metcalfe

08.06.2021 - By News Items Podcast with John Ellis

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John interviews Jane Metcalfe, the former president and co-founder of Wired magazine, about her fascinating career: from starting the “Rolling Stone of technology,” to co-founding a chocolate factory, and most recently, founding Neo.life. Metcalfe describes it as a digital media company that reports on how “to apply engineering to human biology.” With this new venture, she makes the case for a new field she calls neobiology. It is, in her words, “the next stage of the digital revolution,” or how humans will become capable of shaping their own evolution.
This is a longer, lightly edited version of an interview that ran on Monday, August 2nd. See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.

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