Episode 016 - What A Nice Bottom

03.28.2021 - By Now I'm Worried

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Well this week we talk BUMS, we talk DONGS, we talk PLAYBOY and that's just in the first 15 minutes!
Zoe has a list of worries as big as her large head and needs to get them off her chests, and fun fact - Inge does not eat lamb because of her worry this week.
After much discussion in spite of the disruption in both of our lives this week we are not taking a hiatus so we'll be back - and as of writing these show notes, we have had one application for a guest so that went down like a lead balloon! -----------------------
Welcome to Now I'm Worried, the podcast where we discuss your worries and throw them into our worry bin, never to be worried about again
We are presented with SO MUCH information on a daily basis, it's no wonder we don't know what we should or shouldn't be doing.
We are Inge and Zoë, two friends that started a podcast to chat through things that really shouldn't be broadcast. Think of us like two friends down the pub that you are delighting in eavesdropping on.
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