What Genetic Counselors Don't Do

08.26.2019 - By Genetic Counselors and You

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In episode three of the Genetic Counselors and You podcast series -we're myth-busting! What does the “counseling” in “genetic counseling” really mean? Do genetic counselors tell you how to make medical decisions? Do genetic counselors have all the answers? How precise is precision medicine? Join current NSGC Director At Large - Deepti Babu, MS, CGC - and Secretary/Treasurer-Elect - Scott Weissman, MS CGC - as they tackle these questions.  For materials mentioned in this episode, visit aboutgeneticcounselors.com and the following webpages: How to Navigate Imprecision in the Precision Medicine Era  What Genetic Counselors Don't Do What Does Genetic Counseling Involve?

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