What is a Critical Mineral? Dr. Nedal Nassar

04.14.2022 - By PlanetGeo: The Geology Podcast

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Today we have the great pleasure of talking about a very important topic, while interviewing one of the best!

Dr. Nedal Nassar is the Chief of the US Geological Survey’s Materials Flow Analysis Section, he has a PhD in Industrial Ecology from Yale and is a Leading member of the US National Science and Technology Council.  In addition, he was awarded the 2019 Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers, which is a very VERY big deal!  

Join us next week to hear more from Dr. Nassar!

** Just a quick note - Dr. Nassar slightly misspoke in this episode when talking about Tantalum and corrected himself later.  Tantalum is actually combined with niobium, vanadium, and zirconium. Tellurium is combined with elemental boron.
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