014 - What Is The New National Living Wage

07.21.2015 - By Engage - The Human Resource Podcast Show

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In episode 14 of Engage, Alistair shares the details of the new national living wage that was announced by George Osborne at last week’s budget, which comes into effect in April 2016.

The new wage will be paid to workers aged 25 and above. Initially, it will be set at £7.20 an hour, with a target of it reaching more than £9 an hour by 2020. Part-time and full-time workers also qualify for this.

As you may know, the current national minimum wage is due to rise to £6.70 in October this year and many SME businesses had already forecast for this but hadn’t any indication about this further increase.

The new living wage in April is expected to give a pay rise to six million workers but is expected to cost 60,000 jobs and reduce hours worked by four million a week, according to the Office for Budget Responsibility.

Alistair shares some of the benefits of paying the current living wage (£7.85 per hour) which is not legally enforceable, and this is which is promoted by the Living Wage Foundation.

The HR Booth are looking to ensure clients have the right staffing levels, and have people scheduled to work at the right time. It’s an opportunity when forecasting to look at your flexibility and shifts, ensuring you can perhaps get more productivity to offset the increase.

If you’re doing anything different, then please get in touch to share your feedback.

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