250 - Which Workbox is right for you?

10.12.2018 - By Organize 365 Podcast

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If you’ve been eyeing our Friday Box system but aren’t sure which Box is the right one for you, this podcast is what you’ve been waiting for! Lisa gets into (really into--grab a pen!) the details of our three most popular Friday Boxes, who they were designed for, and how they function to help you transform your Monday morning from hectic to calm and productive. (Hint: It’s something you do on Friday!) Settle in (maybe pack a lunch), grab a notebook, and learn about our productivity secret weapon! Be sure to check out organize365.com/choosing-a-workbox for notes, links, and photos from this episode. Like the show? Leave a review! If you tried any of my suggestions, I’d love to see them! Follow me on Instagram and join the Facebook group for more great organizing tips, then share your photos with me by tagging me @organize365 or using #organize365! Want more information on launching your professional organization business? The Professional Organizer’s Think Tank is for you. Want more information on adding the Sunday Basket Certification to your current business? We’d love for you to join us in the Certification Program!  

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