White House CRACKS DOWN on Disinformation … Just Not Its Own | 4/28/22

04.28.2022 - By The News & Why It Matters

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As Twitter continues to melt down, BlazeTV host Dave Rubin of "The Rubin Report" calls out the New York Times for having millions of followers, but barely any retweets. The Left is terrified that Elon Musk will make Twitter politically neutral, but Elon couldn’t care less. The new head of Biden’s Disinformation Governance Board has quite a history of spreading disinformation. But while the White House is busy cracking down on everything it doesn’t like, the economy shrank. Biden asks for $33 billion more to give to Ukraine and has a massive gaffe session. How much longer can we pretend this is okay? Meanwhile, Biden has a message about your kids … 
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