Episode 48 - Why are Cinematic Scenes So Explosively Hard to Write?

07.03.2019 - By The Writ Wit: A Podcast for Writing and the Creative Process

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In this episode, the two Matts go way overboard with their childish humor in the opening skit, think every story should end with a massive battle regardless of genre, compare metaphors we've made to flypaper, and talk about writing more "cinematic" scenes in the decidedly non-cinematic format that is prose. How can a writer utilize the techniques of film in their prose writing? What are the benefits to a more cinematic style of storytelling? How can one write an action sequence with the fluidity and fast pace of a movie? Will Matt Donald ever grow up, or will he be a child for the rest of his life? We discuss it all, with plenty of flips and kicks you can't see due to the audio format of podcasting, and talk about Megazoic (of course), Power Rangers (of course), and other stuff I'm forgetting I'm sure. Have any feedback or questions for our hosts? Email us at mattd@matthewdonaldcreator.com. Also you can purchase Matt Donald's book "Megazoic" on Amazon by clicking here, its sequel "Megazoic: The Primeval Power" by clicking here, or its third installment "Megazoic: The Hunted Ones" by clicking here. If you'd like, of course.

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