Ep 637 | Why Conspiracy Theories Are Swirling in the Uvalde School Shooting | Guest: Jorge Ventura

05.31.2022 - By The Chad Prather Show

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What are the facts behind the Uvalde elementary school atrocity? Jorge Ventura, reporter for the Daily Caller, was at Uvalde covering the horrific attack and joins the podcast to separate the facts from the conspiracy theories. President Joe Biden visited Uvalde, but went on a weird rant on how a 9mm bullet “blows the lung out of the body” and people “couldn’t own cannons.” What is he talking about? As Biden continues to spread “disinformation” on the Second Amendment, where are the fact-checkers? Paul Pelosi, husband of Speaker Nancy Pelosi, was arrested over the weekend for driving under the influence. All eyes on Walter Hill Elementary School after a teacher was caught on camera physically abusing a student. When will the investigation will start?
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