Ep. 185 - Why Motion Can Help You Feel Your Emotions with Libby DeLana

02.11.2022 - By EXPANDED Podcast by To Be Magnetic™

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What do you do every day that is just for you, and no one else? On today’s episode, author, founder, & designer Libby DeLana chats with Jessica about how powerful and healing these daily rituals are. Libby’s ritual in particular is #ThisMorningWalk. She talks about how she started these daily walks, the meditative impact they have, and how it led to writing her book - Do Walk: Navigate Earth, Mind, & Body. There’s so much healing to be found in using motion to process emotions, and align head and heart.

Libby & Jessica also cover the radical creativity that is motherhood, navigating not having female role models early in life, thoughts on aging gracefully + accepting yourself, recent manifestations, and tons more.

Libby is such a wonderful Expander for anyone, but especially for those looking for expansion from someone in the wise (45+) category.

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