010 Why Spontaneity Belongs in the Classroom

09.03.2015 - By Be More Spontaneous: Discover the Secret to Happiness

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Think back (way back for some of us) to highschool. Which teachers made the biggest impact? Were they spontaneous? We go to the source to find out what the benefits are of adding spontaneity to the lesson plan.
Finding a spontaneous teacher wasn’t hard - one of Tim’s best buds is a teacher who (no surprise) loves to keep his classes spontaneous. He’s a music teacher so that makes it a bit easier but in this episode of the podcast, we find out what the benefits are of keeping things fluid when teaching.  We also delve into the opportunity that teachers have to also teach kids to be spontaneous (both in how they learn and how they use their knowledge out in the real world.)
This podcast isn’t just for parents of high school students (or the students themselves) because this topic - the idea that spontaneity can help the learning process - is universal. And, if you’re a life-long learner like we are, then this should give you some new ideas on how to keep it up in a fun and possibly random way. What was the last thing you learned? Did it feel like a chore? Discover the power of spontaneity in the learning process and have a lot more fun getting smarter.
Stick around to the end for our Spontaneity Sparker that will have you heading out into the wild world of knowledge and spark some random learning. Here’s to life long learning (and spontaneity)!  
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