232: Why We Do What We Do & How to Retrain Your Brain [ENCORE]

05.16.2021 - By On Air with Ella | Motivation & Wellness

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ENCORE PRESENTATION (originally aired Oct. 2017). Listen and you'll quickly learn why I am re-sharing this show. I refer to it so often, I wanted it to be top of mind and top of feed for you! If you REALLY want to know why it is so hard to change our habits, and you REALLY want to know what to do differently, and EXACTLY how, this is the episode for you. Jim Fortin is a neuroscience-focused expert on how our brains work (and work against us), on habit formation and on the real secrets to creating the identity that we want. This is all about the power of the subconscious and how to retrain our brains. Do not pass go. Listen to this, rewind and listen again. SHOW NOTES: https://www.onairella.com/post/139-jim-fortin JOIN OUR FREE CHALLENGES: https://www.facebook.com/groups/21daysofchallenge CONNECT WITH ELLA: @onairwithella SUPPORT THE SHOW: Become a Patron SHOP ELLA’S FAVES: AMAZON

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