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08.23.2015 - By Matt's Basement Workshop Video Feed

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Regardless of how many times I've been to Woodworking in America the one place that gets all my attention, and apparently that of the vast majority of show visiters, is the Marketplace. Where else will you find some of the most unique tool makers in the woodworking world all under one roof? Not only can you get your hands on these tools, but more importantly you have an unique opportunity to talk with the tool makers themselves. Ever wonder about having customized tools made? Have questions about the design or function of a tool? Or just want to play with some really cool tools? The Woodworking in America marketplace is the perfect place to do all of that and more. It's truly the woodworker's candy store. But if you've visited this year or in previous years you also know there's more to the marketplace than tools and supplies. There's great freebie demonstrations from the likes of Roy Underhill and Adam Cherubini to name a few. Along with drawings for amazing door-prizes, opportunities to meet with television personalities like Scott Philips and Tommy McDonald. And for the really daring, there's the Hand Tool Olympics. Compete against yourself or a friend or two to see who can have the best results with a basic set of hand tools to create basic joinery and complete typical workshop tasks. Thanks to the many tool manufacturers and vendors for your time and answering all of my questions. It's much appreciated! Vendors in today's episode include the following: Lee Valley Hock Tools Two Cherries Bow Clamps Catharine Kennedy Tools for working wood - Gramercy tools Elkhead Tools Microjig Help support the show - please visit our advertisers

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