Ep. 13: Wicked Salty’s Wes and Kate talk about selling their boat, outboard repair, and give the host Linus Wilson fishing tips

04.27.2016 - By Slow Boat Sailing Podcast

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Wes and Kate talk about how they bought their first boat in the summer of 2014, an Ericson 30+ on Craigslist for $11,500 and within months were headed south for the Bahamas making great videos on YouTube along the way. They cruised the Bahamas in that boat in the Northern Exumas, Nassau, Eleuthera, and the Abacos before deciding to sell it in South Carolina.  If you want a boat that is Bahamas tested, there is one waiting for you in South Carolina.You can get chapters a bonus episode of Wicked Salty with an in depth look at their Bahamas cruise if you pledge as little as $1 to the Slow Boat Sailing Podast’s Patreon site.  This is one of many bonus episodes available to Patrons only. All patrons are given the audiobook of the #1 sailing bestseller How to Sail Around the World Part-Time.  
We talk about their early adventures, how their dog Lola adjusted to life afloat, and their reasons for selling the boat. Wes, Kate, and I talk about our problems with outboards in the Bahamas. (I had a lot of problems with my new outboards documented in my book Slow Boat to the Bahamas.) A lot of folks can't wait for them to find the right boat and start filming again. (I know I am one!) Support them on Patreon.
I chat about the latest developments in my trip preparations and planning for going to Panama via Cuba.  It boils down to, "Go EAST, middle-aged man".
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