34: with Dennis Tirch

06.11.2019 - By ACT in Context

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Dennis is an innovator straddling the words of ACT and CFT (Compassion Focused Therapy). He joins us to talk about the intersection of radical behaviorism in a wide ranging and intellectually rigorous conversation. Joanne, Dennis, and Tim each reflect on practice and technique in this episode with a focus on what works for each. Make sure to listen on to the end of the podcast where Tim and Joanne take a moment to debrief.
The ACT in Context Podcast is co-hosted by Joanne Steinwachs and Timothy Gordon.
Dennis’ website:
Follow Dennis' very active twitter account for enlightening tweets about compassion, mindfulness, and the muck of living: @DennisTirchPhD
The Praxis Many Voices Episodes Referenced:
Books mentioned in the podcast:
David Sloan Wilson Evolution for Everyone
Dennis Tirsch Experiencing ACT from the Inside Out, Release date Spring 2019
Dennis Tirsch ACT Practitioner’s Guide to the Science of Compassion
Kelly Wilson Mindfulness for Two
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