Woke and Broke: Businesses Risk Paying A Price For Getting Political

04.20.2021 - By The FOX News Rundown

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The debate around whether big companies should take political stances seems to be never ending these days. Recently several major corporations including Delta, Coca-Cola and Apple spoke out against Georgia’s new voting laws. Should companies be vocal about where they stand politically or can it hurt them in the long run? FOX Business anchor David Asman and CEO of Clifton Consulting, Marjorie Clifton weigh in. 

The immigration issue continues to be a ‘tough nut to crack’ for Presidents. On Saturday, President Biden called the Southern Border situation a “crisis,” a term that has been avoided by most members of the Biden Administration. Ari Fleischer, FOX News Contributor and former White House Press Secretary discusses the new Fox Nation Special "The Wise Guys: Crisis at the Border” and why Washington remains in a stalemate when it comes to making a deal over immigration.

Plus, commentary by Guy Benson, host of the Guy Benson Show.

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