Women in Product Marketing

By Mary Sheehan, Sharebird

What's Women in Product Marketing about?

We explore the world of Product Marketing through the lens of the women who run it at some of the fastest growing technology companies in the world. Each week we sit down with Product Marketing leaders to hear their journey, lessons learned, trade secrets, and more. Hosted by Mary Sheehan, a Product Marketing leader at Adobe. Mary is passionate about instilling confidence in women who are either thinking about pursuing a career in Product Marketing or are simply looking for tangible frameworks and takeaways in their current role. Mary knows first hand and acknowledges that as a woman in leadership, it can get lonely at the top. This show will help you navigate your career and unlock your full potential in a male dominated space. Women in Product Marketing is proudly brought to you by Klue, the competitive enablement platform for all product marketers, and produced by Sharebird, the product marketing mentoring platform.

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Nextdoor Head of SMB Market...


Questions covered in this episode: 1:26 Opening Question (Can you share a time when you failed at something and learned?) 5:16 What is your role like and what Nextdooris all about? 11:20 What is tactically that source of truth as ...

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