Writing Production Code for ML ft. Ken Youens-Clark - ML 041

08.12.2021 - By Adventures in Machine Learning

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Ken Youens-Clark joins the adventure to discuss how to write well factored code with tests to help ML be more approachable. He, Ben, and Chuck discuss what it takes to write good code that runs efficiently, is easy to maintain, and still get ML work done.


Ben Wilson
Charles Max Wood


Ken Youens-Clark


GitHub: Ken Youens-Clark ( kyclark )
Twitter: Ken Youens-Clark ( @kycl4rk )


Ben- David Thorne 
Charles- Xero

Charles- Fireside

Charles- Devchat.tv/levelup

Ken- Meditation and Mindfulness

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GitHub | BenWilson2/ML-Engineering
GitHub | databrickslabs/automl-toolkit
LinkedIn: Benjamin Wilson

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Special Guest: Ken Youens-Clark.

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