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What's Wrong Station about?

Wrong Station is an award-winning podcast anthology of original horror and weird fiction. Drawing on the tradition of The Twilight Zone and the classic radio serials that inspired it, Wrong Station transports the listener into the darkest corners of appalling new worlds with each episode.
Wrong Station is not suitable for anyone. It may however be enjoyed by viewers of David Cronenberg, by readers of Shirley Jackson, and by listeners of Quiet Please.
Listen to Wrong Station. Let it Change you.

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Wrong Station is an entirely independent production that relies on Patreon subscribers to produce the show and pay performers. Your support, tribute, and burnt offerings are what make Wrong Station possible.

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124 - Placenta


//A CHILD IN DANGER, AND MOTHER TOO //WE MUST FEND IT OFF //WE MUST FEED IT BLOOD //WE MUST FEED THE... “PLACENTA” A NEW EPISODE FROM WRONG STATION --Written by Alexander Saxton, and performed by Anthony Botelho. Support The Wrong ...

Wrong Station episodes: