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08.30.2019 - By Yoga with Dr. Melissa West

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Yin Yang Yoga

In the attention economy brands and individuals, that is living and breathing human beings compete for continual growth of likes and followers on different platforms from YouTube to podcasts on ITunes, Facebook, Instagram to Snapchat. Our self worth is tied to the number of followers and likes we have. Each of us, whether we are an individual human being or a company is vying for the same amount of limited attention. Each of us has the same opportunity to connect with anyone, anywhere. There is this myth that we can all experience continual growth of popularity, likability, and social capital.

However the truth is, the idea of continual, never-ending growth is a lie. We know this from our experience of yin yoga, theories of yin and yang and Taoism. The sun comes up in the morning, but it does not stay up at that highest point in the sky forever. Just past noon it begins its descent into afternoon and in the evening it becomes dark again and we (hopefully rest). The tide comes in and then it goes out. The moon waxes and then it wanes. Our lives and experience of the world we live in are in constant flux.

In this yin yang yoga class we will explore the constantly changing qualities of yin and yang. Yin is constantly changing into yang and yang is constantly changing into yin. This may be more yin for a time and then more yang for a time in relationship to something else.

While yin qualities are quiet, receptive, tolerant, reflective passive, non manipulative, and still.
Yang qualities are manipulative, directing, improving, achieving, controlling, and becoming. Neither is better than the other, both are essential for balance and harmony.

When we practice yin yoga we develop receptivity and reflection. We allow the practice to be and we do not try to control the practice. The experience will unfold as it will. I love how Yin Yoga teacher Josh Summers describes it as asking our inner control freak to take a break. When we practice yin yoga we may experience relaxation, or we may experience what I call a filling of the well, nourishment and a gathering of our qi. You may come away from your yin yoga practice feeling more energized.

On the other hand, when you practice a more yang style of yoga, appropriately, this can lead to a yin experience of calm, stillness and quietude. A yang output can potentially be transformed into a yin experience.

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