4 Yoga Poses for a Fresh Start | Full Class | Yoga with Melissa 575

06.04.2021 - By Yoga with Melissa

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4 Yoga Poses for a Fresh Start

I learned recently from one of my students that if physical therapy clients were given 5 or more exercises by their physical therapists there is no chance they will do them. However if physical therapists give their clients 4 exercises, not only will they do them, but they are much more likely to do them multiple times a day.

This sparked an idea in me to prepare classes that were only 4 poses in length and see what they did not only in my motivation to prepare them as a teacher (it went through the roof by the way) and also your motivation to practice them as my students. I’m looking forward to seeing the results on that.

Here are 4 yoga poses for a fresh start which will be a great way to start your day or get back on your mat after a break. These poses will support you in your digestion, letting go of the old, strengthening your lower body, opening your heart and chest, and releasing your tight hips. I hope you enjoy this short yoga class as much as I did making it. More importantly I hope it is an easy class to incorporate into any day when you are looking for a fresh start!
4 Yoga Poses for a Fresh Start Hatha Yoga Sequence:
Apanasana/ Knee to Chest Pose

Bridge Pose/Setu Bandhasana

Anjaneyasana/ Lunge Pose

Warrior One/ Virabhadrasana One

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