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What if you could read something and know EVERYTHING about yourself? Not just when you'll die or who you'll marry someday, but rather who you really BE -- who you ARE in this world? Well, my guest on the PurposeGirl Podcast this week not only believes that this is possible, but she actually makes it happen. Soul sister, friend, mastermind sister, Embodied Leadership Coach, and Human Design mentor Kelly Mahalak is here today talking all about Human Design, why it's significant and how it's useful to us.  Tune in and listen to us talk all about:  What Human Design is - the different possible profiles - and what our profiles are What clarity Human Design is able to provide for us Kelly's personal life story, including the earth shattering circumstances that she has made it through to get here and teach us this incredible tool How important the words 'I choose' are, and how we can use those words to propel us forward instead of burning down the house The details of Kelly's incredible work, and a sneak peak into an incredible, sacred thing she is creating Who Kelly wants to be when she grows up... hint, she really is a Pretty Woman!

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