Your Favourite Tip: Sally Hepworth - Protect your time and energy with a “No List”

06.20.2022 - By How I Work

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Working from home seemed like a pipe dream not so long ago - something for only the luckiest, wealthiest or most eccentric employees and entrepreneurs. But after the pandemic fast-tracked a worldwide shift in workplace flexibility, we’ve all been able to benefit from this revolutionary model. Or have we?
How I Work listener Dia wonders if it’s all as peachy as it seems: without real, physical boundaries between our workspaces and our homes, how do we set the appropriate boundaries around our time? 
Thankfully, bestselling author Sally Hepworth has thought long and hard on just this question. And if you’re going to listen to anyone, the woman who fields hundreds of fan requests every day is probably a good start!
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You can find the full interview here: Sally Hepworth on her No list, Brain Walks, and the Nifty Three-Fifty Rule
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