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Sit with your eyes closed and concentrate all of your attention on your heart. Please repeat to yourself as you have in other exercises "I am not my body, I am not my ego - I am my soul"
This is your real reality.
This is the real nature of you. Your inner voice. Your conscience that has spoken to you since the beginning - this is the real you. For a moment, reflect upon the possibility that the thinking, physically feeling being that we think of as ourselves is not the real us, but that tiny, silent little voice within is the real us. That tiny little voice that tries to prompt us, tries to guide us and we ignore, is actually our highest reality.
Is that possible?
That tiny voice that we ignore day in and day out is what we are trying to grow into. That is our highest self? Is that possible?
Listen very quietly and hear what your inner voice has to say - hear the answer it has for you.
Is that the voice of your soul? Focus all of your attention on it and let everything else go. Let everything else go.
Sit still and silent and focus your entire life past, present and future on your soul and listen. Listen with all your heart.. It is your own eternal and infinite voice.

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