Zelie Timothy, Emily Mariko & Marcia Gay Harden?

10.15.2021 - By Who? Weekly

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It's another episode of Who's There, our weekly call-in show! On today's episode, a helpful caller PROMOTES OUR TOUR for us, and then we accept your messages about how grateful people both are (and aren't) for Sharna, the difference between Impossible and Beyond, the Korean modeling industry, Beanie Feldstein's non-feud with Lea Michele, Tyrese's non-breakup with Zelie Timothy, how someone named Emily Mariko cooks her rice, the GQ profile of Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly, whether Marcia Cross is Themmier than Marcia Gay Harden, and so much more.
Call 619.WHO.THEM to leave questions, comments & concerns, and we may play your call on a future episode. Support us and get a ton of bonus content over on Patreon.com/WhoWeekly and come see us on tour! Tickets at WhoWeekly.us/live.
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