Zestology: Energy, Vitality and Motivation

By Tony Wrighton

What's Zestology: Energy, Vitality and Motivation about?

Author and TV presenter Tony Wrighton goes on a podcast adventure to find more energy, vitality and motivation. Top topics include; biohacking, science, NLP, health tech, supplements and behavior change. Often chaotic, always fun. Featuring some of the most respected and well-known experts on the planet. Warning: experimentation sometimes goes wrong - you'll hear those bits too.

With Dave Asprey, Joe Wicks, Esther Perel, Paul Saladino, Ben Greenfield, Dan Harris, Chris Ryan, Gretchen Rubin, Dr. Ramani and many more.

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☕️ Zespresso: Matt Walker -...


An espresso-sized midweek podcast featuring one of my favourite Zestology guests. I'm back on Monday with the full podcast, but in the meantime, enjoy this quick burst of energy and enthusiasm - a short, energizing boost.

Zestology: Energy, Vitality and Motivation episodes: