Zestology Review of the Year 2019 #251

12.16.2019 - By Zestology: Live with energy, vitality and motivation

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There's an ”end of year” feel to the Zestology podcast today which I hope you'll enjoy.  It features some of my favourite people, gadgets and hacks from 2019. The things that have really made a difference in my wellness/fitness regimen. Some are fairly straightforward, and some may be a little more out there.  I’m still in search of a way to hack sleep with a baby though. Any ideas? I'm back on the 1st of January with an amazing guest - Dr. David Sinclair. He’s the world’s leading longevity and ageing expert. According to him, if you follow the simple things he outlines in our interview, you’ll live for 14 years longer. Sounds like a no-brainer. See you then, and Merry Christmas.

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