Episode 96: A Farewell To Kings (Spider-Man 240)

05.08.2018 - By Ultimate Spin: The Spider-Man podcast about Marvel Comics' Miles Morales and Spider-Gwen Stacy

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(Recorded May 6, 2018)
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In this episode, Brian and Jack  are joined by Superior Spider-Talk‘s Dan Gvozden to discuss the surprising series finale that is Spider-Man #240. We share your thoughts and reflections on Miles’ series, and we have a major announcement about the future of the podcast. All kinds of feelings in this episode!

* 0:00 – Flashback: Bendis on Miles’ first true villain.
* 1:53 – Intro; Welcome back, Dan!
* 5:32 – Spider-Man #240 – A terrifying real-life moment informs the final chapter of a nearly two decade run. But does it work in context? Looking at how Bendis cleared the decks for the next creative team (a way to potentially lose the new powers? Jefferson’s new last name?). Not the best ending, but perhaps the best one possible? Looking back on Miles’ story  and our favorite moments.
* 49:45 – Our three word summaries of the issue.
* 50:49 – Listener feedback! Your thoughts on this issue and reflections on the series.
* 57:32 – A big announcement about the Ultimate Spin podcast.
* 1:04:04 – Outro; What did *you* think of this issue and where Miles could go next? Let us know! And coming up…

Stuff that we mentioned in this episode:

* Bendis interview on Late Night with Seth Meyers
* Glenn Beck’s insane rambling about Miles
* Reviews for Spider-Man #240
* Peter Palmer?
* Dark Knight: A True Batman Story by Paul Dini
* The Invisibles by Grant Morrison
* The Lost finale
* All-New Ultimates
* Listener Lawrence Minor’s Spotify playlist for Miles!
* Join the Amazing Spider-Slack! From our friends at the Amazing Spider-Talk podcast!

Also check out:

* Jack’s website;  Podcasts: The Sequelisers!;Guesting on Kyle’s Booking on the Fly
* Brian’s Twitter/Instagram/Podcasts/assorted nonsense


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