A Garden of Marvels with Ruth Kassinger

06.22.2015 - By Back To My Garden - Discover Your Passion For Gardening

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Ruth Kassinger loves the way her conservatory garden lifts her spirits during the cold winter months.  She is a celebrated author of ten books for both kids and grownups on science, history and gardening.  Ruth’s brand new book is called A Garden of Marvels and explores the untold history of the first botanists and extraordinary plants.  www.GardenofMarvels.com
In This Episode You’ll Discover …

* The therapeutic value of growing and caring for plants
* Paradise under glass — test your gardening abilities
* The pleasure of citrus trees in your home
* Knockout roses
* Why pruning works — or doesn’t


* How healthy are you really?  Take the test at  http://NutritionWeCanTrust.com
* Learn how to save a pot bound tree 
* Did you know there are many gardening celebrities that love to dig in the soil?


Resources & Books
Once Upon a Windowsill by Tovah Martin
Watch the Podcast Interview Here:


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Listen to Ruth Kassinger share her best gardening tips here:

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