Episode 93 - A Little Meth Between Friends

05.31.2021 - By Blast Burn Radio | A Pokemon Nuzlocke Podcast

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Beyond Evolution, Mega Evolve! Join us as we head to Shalour City, enjoy mirror puzzles, and ponder why exactly Professor Sycamore is so damn bad at his job. Also roller derby? Pokemon X and Y made choices, y'all. This episode was made possible by supporters like you on Patreon! Support our show and claim your rewards at patreon.com/challengeacceptedmedia!

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Stephen's Current PvP Roster
Taquito - Quilladin
Optimus - Pawniard
Granola - Crobat
Yam - Plusle
Peanut - Meowstic
Sashimi - Gyarados
Shellby - Kingler
Johnny - Pinsir

Anna's Current PvP Roster
Carmelite - Aerodactyl
Samsara - Braixen
Joy - Psyduck
Fame - Granbull
Higher - Drifblim
London - Hippopotas
Rose - Roserade
J Balvin - Chatot

Celes' Current PvP Roster
Yumyan - Snorlax
Starscream  - Skarmory
Song - Florges
Shadowweaver - Sigilyph
Shiitake - Breloom
Benson - Carmeleon
Jamack - Frogadier
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