A mauve-tinted expedition

05.21.2019 - By Garden Clinic Digs Deeper

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The Garden Clinic heads off to Japan this week for a very special mauve-tinted expedition to see the wonderful wisteria.

Much of my love of gardening revolves around the anticipation of a single ephemeral event: winter's sweet lemon scented white daphne, spring's species tulips, streets fleetingly fringed with jacaranda; and wisteria's short-lived lilac lace.

To sit or stand underneath a flowering wisteria vine in full bloom, gazing through the mauve veil of flowers, inhaling the scent, and listening to the bees is bliss.

On the podcast today I revel in wisteria and particularly the Japanese species. I recorded the podcast recently in Japan whilst traveling to the best wisteria gardens on the planet. I touch on wisteria styles, varieties to look for, training, pruning techniques, feeding and finish by sharing my favourite wisteria wonderlands.


Book reference:
Wisteria by Peter Valder

To Japan's wisteria festivals with me

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