A Millionaire’s Advice on How to Remove Your Money Mindset Blocks to Fully Live in Abundance and Wealth

10.24.2017 - By Pursuit With Purpose

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I met today’s guest Chris Harder in a very unique way (you’ll hear the full story in the intro!) and I have to say he is an extremely kind and generous individual. After an 11-year career as an executive and partner in the banking industry, Chris was feeling burnt out and lacking fulfillment. Since then, he’s retired from banking and partnered with his wife Lori and her brand, LoriHarder.com, and Chris has now found the meaning that was missing in his previous career. Chris is also the host of the hit podcast, For The Love of Money, which is aimed at helping people bust through their money blocks to become unapologetic about their pursuit of wealth and to show that money is a tool for good in a world with many, many needs. In today’s episode we’ll be talking about money mindset blocks that keep us from reaching new levels of wealth, why our culture has a problem with generosity, how to work through financial issues with your partner and the things that Chris and Lori have done over the years to create a truly incredible relationship together!

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