A Mom and Small Business Owner, On How She Ended Up at the Capitol January 6, and Fighting Against COVID Lockdown | Ep. 58

02.01.2021 - By The Megyn Kelly Show

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Megyn Kelly is joined by Lindsey Graham, a small business owner dealing with COVID lockdowns and restrictions in Oregon. She talks about the way she fought back against the regulations and the way the government came after her, but also talks about how she wound up at the Capitol on 1/6 believing she was part of a "holy war," what she saw that day of the riots, the media sources Graham and other Trump supporters she knew would turn to, what she thinks now after Trump was not able to pull out a victory and Biden was inaugurated, fraud claims and the Trump election lawsuits, what made her believe "conspiracy theories," and what she thinks is the future of Trump and the GOP.
Graham's personal website: https://PatriotBarbie.com/

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