186: Allison Rose, “She Would Never Be So New”

05.10.2019 - By The Narrators

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Episode 186: In honor of Mother's Day, today we're bringing you a story from one of our favorites, Denver comedian and writer Allison Rose. Born on a quiet farm in Kansas, Allison came into her own on the loud stages of Denver dive bars. She has been featured on the Denver edition of 50 First Jokes; Yuck Fest; and the High Plains, Red Clay, and Savage Henry comedy festivals. She co-hosts the Denver chapter of We Still Like You, a storytelling show where folks share their greatest shames, and a weekly showcase at Dean Ween's Honeypot Lounge. Allison's story was recorded on 17 October 2018 at Buntport Theater; the theme of the evening was "Guts."
A very special thanks to PHIE, who provided the outro music for this episode.
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