Andy Birkey Finds The Spirit Of A Maker

07.01.2016 - By The Podcast For Makers (MakerCast)

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Andy Birkey takes pride in being known for the “weirdness” of his work. A life-long maker, Andy pays his bills doing restoration work on churches and cathedrals. But in the true maker spirit, Andy’s other projects can incorporate reclaimed materials, metal, wood, plastic, and aesthetics from modern to steampunk. Connecting with the maker community has given Andy an opportunity to share a lifetime of knowledge with a new family around the world. Join us as we talk to Andy about: Travel, architecture, and their power to change perspective Learning by getting in over your head The power of being able to switch on the fly The transcendental nature of The Craft Visit the show notes for this episode This episode is brought to you by FreshBooks - Cloud Accounting

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