Another Goddamned Podcast #9: April 3, 2008

04.08.2008 - By Another Goddamned Podcast

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Listener Venjanz asks the Herd to explain what we mean when we say "atheist," "agnostic," or "antitheist." We begin a discussion of these terms, not in reference to their dictionary definitions, but in reference to what they mean to us when we use them in our writing and our conversation. We briefly examine the concept of evidence.

The discussion continues. Ex wonders if we shouldn't call ourselves "a-fideists." SI claims that "god" is a term for the entire supernatural realm. But OG points out that everyone, atheists included, may have some superstitious beliefs.

More on atheists and superstititon. Philly thinks it's possible to be an atheist and still not be a skeptic. Do any of us carry a rabbit's foot, or wear a lucky shirt? Evo is skeptical about that. Somehow the conversation comes around to Mac vs. PC, vanilla vs. chocolate, and rationalizations in general. Knock on wood, it stays pretty lively.

Poll results. Ex fulminates about the poll-takers and accuses them of irrational rationalizing. Evo disagrees.

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